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How Dental Veneers Can Help Your Smile

Have you ever wondered if there’s anything you can do to keep your radiant and attractive? Do you wish there was something you could do to improve the appearance of your smile quickly and affordably? If you’ve ever wondered about your options, we recommend considering dental veneers. This incredibly useful option might be the answer you need to give you the attractive, radiant smile you deserve.

As you may know, dental veneers are thin shells that can be fused to your smile. Fortunately, dental veneers can be used to correct a number of imperfections. For instance, if you’re dealing with complications such as discolored, cracked, worn, chipped or uneven teeth, veneers may help you achieve the attractive, radiant smile you’ve always envisioned.

However, there are individuals who are often confused by the difference between veneers and implants. While both are designed to match the appearance of your teeth, implants are vastly different than veneers. While veneers are used to fuse to your teeth, implants are designed to completely replace a missing tooth. Sadly, while implants are especially useful because of their longevity, they can’t be used to improve the appearance of existing teeth. In other words, in order to enjoy the cosmetic benefits of implants, you’ll need to be missing a tooth. If you have one or more severely damaged teeth, removing and replacing them may be the best options—though most dentists recommend preserving natural teeth whenever possible. This makes veneers are valuable choice.

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