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Dental Restorations: Closing Gaps in Your Smile

Have you ever lost a tooth? If you have, you know the experience can be embarrassing and make simple tasks more difficult. But did you know that losing a tooth can lead to other serious problems? Luckily, you can have missing teeth replaced, but did you know that not everyone is a good candidate for every restoration?

For example, did you know that shouldn’t let your child get an implant until they are teenagers? You see, a boy’s jaw won’t fully develop until they are seventeen while a girl’s jaw won’t finish developing until they are fifteen. If your child is given an implant before there jaw is developed, they could suffer permanent damage. Fortunately, there are other options in the meantime. For instance, you can use partial dentures or a space maintainer. It is important to replace missing teeth because children missing teeth can damage self-esteem and interfere with younger children’s permanent teeth coming in.

Conversely, for adults—whose jawbones are already developed—missing teeth can make dental hygiene more difficult, which can lead to gum disease. Similarly, if you have a gap in your smile, your remaining teeth can shift position. This change occurs because the structure under the tooth weakens and wears away if it has nothing to support. However, there are also many restorations available, including bridges and dentures.

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