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Finding Your Dental Filling of Choice

Do you suspect you might have a fractured tooth, are developing tooth decay or have a chipped tooth? If so, you may want to ring in the New Year with a restorative dental filling for a healthier smile. Dental fillings restore damaged teeth so that you can bite and chew the way your teeth are designed to.

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Some factors to consider, besides the filling types and materials, is where the tooth is that needs to be filled, how much the material costs, how much insurance will cover, and of course your dentist’s recommendations.

Amalgam Fillings
Amalgam fillings are one of the most common dental restorations. Made from a mix of metals like silver, copper, and mercury, they are strong but are also visible. They are perhaps the most budget-friendly of all fillings.

Composite Resin Fillings
These tooth-colored fillings are becoming more and more popular. Made from glass, quartz and plastic, they are white and blend in with your own teeth, and they actually chemically bond to tooth structure which adds support. Depending on the tooth, less tooth structure needs to be removed when removing tooth decay.

Gold Fillings
Gold fillings have been around the longest and are made from a combination of gold and copper material. They are more costly than other dental fillings, and they stand out in your mouth, unlike composite fillings, but they are very durable, strong, and don’t corrode with age.

Depending where the damaged tooth is located in your mouth may help you choose the best filling type. Many people have amalgam or gold fillings on their back teeth–where they are least visible and where the teeth do the most work of chewing food. Composite teeth are ideal for the more visible front teeth.

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