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Let Dental Sedation Brighten Your Smile

Dental Anxiety is no joke. It can prevent patients from getting the treatment they need to keep their oral health in tip shop shape. If you are one of those patients who suffers from anxiety and tends to avoid your dentist, take heart. Dental anxiety is more common than you may realize. You are not alone!

Fortunately, there is help out there in the form of sedation dentistry, and one of these may be right for you and your next dental procedure.

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Light Sedation: during light sedation you are relaxed, but you are awake and alert. Nitrous oxide falls into this category, and you will usually have no side effects. All you have to do is inhale the gas and relax as it takes effect. There is no recovery necessary with nitrous oxide. Another form of light sedation may be by taking a pill an hour before the treatment. Your dentist would provide you with this pill. This form may make you sleepy so your recovery time may take longer, and you may need a ride home.

Moderate Sedation: you will be awake during your procedure but likely won’t remember much. You can still talk during this sedation, and you will feel groggy. You can sometimes fall asleep during this sedation, but your dentist can wake you up easily! Your dentist may administer this sedation technique in the form of a pill.

Deep Sedation: you will be usually unconscious during the treatment and will take a while to fully recover and wake up. This may be helpful for you if you are in extreme fear during a procedure and if traditional sedatives don’t work on you. Under this sedation, you may need help breathing and won’t be able to respond to commands.

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Whatever method you require, great care is taken to administer sedation properly with minimal side effects for you. Don’t let dental anxiety keep you away from a healthy, beautiful smile! Call our office if you have any questions or concerns about your oral health. 757-309-4450